About Us

Twinkle Sprinkles was founded after finding there was a lack of beautiful and tasty sprinkles in Australia. I wasn't fond of sprinkling less than average sprinkles and after seeing some pinterest posts with gorgeous sprinkles I thought "wow, we need those in Australia". After a ton of research and using my creative eye, Twinkle Sprinkles was born! We are currently the number one sprinkle store in Australia and an unstoppable force in the Australian cake decorating industry. At Twinkle Sprinkles, we source and import sprinkles and sugar shapes from all over the world and have recently started to manufacture our own. We offer a wide variety of stand alone sprinkles and colourful combinations that you can use in all your baking & decorating needs or feel free to eat them by the spoonful (we won't judge!).
❤︎ Love, Christie Xo 
"Twinkle Sprinkles" comes from my love of glitter, stars and anything pretty.
Did you know?!
 I am studying Cake & Pastry.
★ Current favourite Sprinkle Mix: Mermaidia.
  ★ Stay at home girl boss and mum to Miss 5.
★ Favourite sweets are Cupcakes and Macarons.
★ Obsessed with reading romance novels on my kindle.